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Event: FL Flood
Number: 2009-000048
Country: AUS Australia
Location: Queensland
Date (YMD): 2009-2-
Information Source:Bureau of Meteorology, Australian Government
Comments: Major flooding peaked at 6.53 metres at 6pm Tuesday (17th Feb) at Diamantina Lakes, and at 8am was 5.84 metres and falling. Minor flooding continues at Monkira with renewed rises and moderate to major flooding expected by the end of the week. Major flooding continues in the Georgina River between Urandangi and Marion Downs. Moderate flooding continues in Eyre Creek between Bedourie and Glengyle. Major flooding peaked at 9.03 metres at 2pm on 18th Feb at Roxborough Downs, and at 8am was 8.99 metres and falling. Glenormiston is nearing a peak and was 7.27 metres at 7:30am. In addition, Moderate to major flooding continues in the Flinders Rivers and the Norman River.
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