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Event: FL Flood
Number: 2009-000053
Country: IDN Indonesia
Location: Bojonegoro
Date (YMD): 2009-2-22
Information Source:Dartmouth Flood Observatory
Comments: "Floods caused by the the overflowing of the Bengawan Solo river have driven thousands of Bojonegoro residents from their homes, and was believed to have claimed one live. One dead body was found by a passerby on a flooded road at Simbatan village, Kanor sub distrct, Kanor Police Chief Adjunct Commissioner Susilo, said here on Friday. Thousands of houses were submerged by floodwaters reaching a height of between 1 and 1.5 meter. The floods affected 128 villages including Sukorejo, Ngroworejo and Karangpacar at 14 sub districts in Bojonegoro District. Some 23 elementary school buildings and one junior high school building were also flooded, preventing around 4,000 students from going to school. Some villages at Parengan sub district, Tuban District, East Java, were also inundated. Roads connecting Bojonegoro and Jatirogo, Tuban, were submerged by the flood.
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