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Event: TC Tropical Cyclone
Number: 2010-000053
Country: MDG Madagascar
Location: Ambatondrazaka, Mananjary, Nosy Varika, Manakara, Vohipeno
, Farafangana et Vangaindrano
Date (YMD): 2010-3-15
Magnitude: Severe tropical storm
Information Source:IFRC
Comments: Cyclone Hubert hit the south eastern coast of Madagascar. Heavy rainfall is causing floods, leaving 28.000 affected families and 40 deads. 7 districts are victims: 1 in the middle-east and 6 in the south-east. More than 500 houses are completely destroyed. 2 districts among these 7 experienced now chikungunya outbreak. There is high risk of spread because of floods and stagnant water.
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Storm Surge,Madagascar: A violent tropical storm battered Madagascar's eastern coastline killing at least 14 people and leaving thousands more homeless, the government said on Friday.