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Event: FL Flood
Number: 2010-000215
Country: TGO Togo
Location: Yoto, Bas-Mono, Golfe and Lacs
Date (YMD): 2010-10-17
Information Source:IFRC
Comments: The torrential rains of September and early October 2010 in West Africa especially in Benin and Togo have caused the overflow of rivers and consequently caused flooding in many parts of Togo especially in the South. The rainy season started in Togo in June and immediately the downpour have been causing severe flooding in many parts of the country with a lot of humanitarian concerns. The Togolese Red Cross since worked in collaboration with UNICEF and other humanitarian agencies to assist the affected population, the floods have caused damages to bridges and roads most in the Maritime region of Togo. The Togolese Red Cross Emergency First Aid Team members deployed to the field have reported that 50 communities in 4 prefectures were mostly affected with 1 death, many injured and families displaced now sheltered in the 3 government temporary camps while some others have crossed over to neighbouring Benin Republic for shelter. The 4 most affected prefectures with devastating damages to property including houses are Yoto, Bas-Mono, Golfe and Lacs all in the Maritime Region. The Togolese Red Cross, after a preliminary assessment, has registered 5,910 families affected by the floods in this region, most of them are peasants who lost their houses and means of livelihood to the disaster.
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