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Event: TC Tropical Cyclone
Number: 2015-000007
Country: PYF French Polynesia
Date (YMD): 2015-1-20
Time: 6:00 UTC
Information Source:ECHO
Comments: NIKO formed in the South Pacific Ocean, north of the Leeward islands in French Polynesia, on 20 January, and started moving south-east, intensifying. On 21 January, at 6.00 UTC, NIKO's centre had passed between the Tuamotu and the Windward groups of islands and it was located approximately 165 km south-east of Tahiti. Its maximum sustained wind speed was 93 km/h. Over the following 48 hours, the Tropical Cyclone is forecast to continue on its south-eastern track, approaching the west Tuamotu islands later on 22 January. It will then proceed with a turn towards the south. Its intensity is expected to increase until approximately the afternoon/evening of 23 January and then it is forecast to start weakening. Heavy rainfall, strong winds and high seas are forecast to affect the islands along NIKO's path and France MeteoFrench Polynesia has issued an Orange Warning for the western Tuamotu Islands.
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