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Event: EP Epidemic
Number: 2011-000033
Country: TCD Chad
Date (YMD): 2011-3-18
Information Source:IFRC
Comments: The region of Mayo Kebbi East is a cholera prone area. In the past few years, cholera outbreak was triggered by flood. But this year, just after the end of February first cases of cholera started to be confirmed in the region. The Chadian government and its humanitarian partners carried out evaluation mission and declared the zone as a disaster area. The local health facilities are underequipped and are currently overwhelmed by cholera affected victims. As of 30 March, a total of 1,432 persons were affected by cholera epidemics out of which 30 deaths were recorded according to the Chadian health Ministry delegation in Bongor. The most affected areas are: Bongor, Djoumane, Kim, Koyom, Samga and Er?. Poor water and sanitation facilities especially in villages and lack of hygiene education among the communities are the main factors of the cholera outbreak.
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